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Worksurface Support Hardware

Cantilevers support work surfaces (24"D & 30"D) by fitting into the slotted verticals on CMW panels, as well as, fitting into wall hanger strips affixed to walls.  Cantilevers support the right and left side of work surfaces and can also be used as a center support for longer surfaces.  Cantilevers come with anti-dislodgement tooth and are attached to work surfaces with screws.  Shared Cantilevers support 2 adjacent work surfaces at the seam between surfaces and should be used as center support for all work surfaces 66" and longer.

Part # Description Dim. Depth Painted Unpainted Qty/Finish
STP186.20 Cantilever -Pair


$ 30.00/pair 26.00/pair
STP167.20 Cantilever-Shared


   35.00/each 18.00/each

Worksurface Support Cantilevers


These brackets are used to support corner worksurfaces at the rear and to support peninsula worksurfaces, when butting to a panel or when mounted directly to wall channels

Part # Description Painted Unpainted


STU455.01 Right & Left Bracket $ 20.00/pair

$ 18.00/pair

STP455.01 Right Bracket Only    10.00/each


STU455.02 Left Bracket Only    10.00/each


Worksurface Support Bracket


2 pair of counter support brackets are required for each counter cap.  Screws are used through bracket into bottom of counter cap.  Use on 41" panels only.

Part # Description Painted Unpainted


STU556.01 Bracket $ 18.00/pair  15.00/pair
UNP858.01ZI  Bracket Screw (zinc)     .06/each  

Counter Top Support Brackets


13 gauge black steel designed to screw to the underside of work surfaces and counter tops at the point where the two surfaces join for added strength.

Part.# Desc. Dimension Price Qty
UNP465.01 BK Universal Plate 3" 5" $5.50
UNP465.02 BK Universal Plate 2.25' 3"   3.50

Universal Plate


ST 9000 Panel Hardware

Aluminum track will accommodate one cantilever only.  Use to hang CMW and ST9000 components and worksurfaces to reinforced drywall.  Use of toggle anchor and bolts is strongly recommended.

Please Specify Painted or Un-painted

Part# Desc. Dimension
Painted Un-
STP034.65 Aluminum
65" H $28.00 $22.00
STP034.75 Aluminum
75" H   32.00   26.00
UNP885.0100 Nylon Toggle Anchor      1.80
UNP885.0300 Toggle Anchor Bolt     0.40

Wall Channels



ST Wood Work Surface-to-Cantilever Bracket   9000 Series

Use to attach ST9000 Wood Work Surfaces to ST9000 OEM Cantilevers. Available in black only


$1.96 each

ST Wood Work Surface-to Cantilever Bracket
9000 Series

Used to maintain vertical alignment on load-bearing right-angled panel connections.  2-piece kit includes screw.  Can be used on conventional and enhanced panels.  Black Only.

Part.# Price Qty
STU801.00 (2pcs) $10.00

ST Alignment Plate
9000 Series

Used to increase panel stability by connecting panels to freestanding furniture.  This bracket is secured to back of free standing furniture and hooks to slotted channel panel.  Can be used on conventional and enhanced panels.  Shipped in parts (left & right).  Black only.

Part.# Price Qty
STU812.00 $6.50/pr

ST Panel Stabilizer Bracket
9000 Series

This bracket is used to stabilize work surface supporting end panels to panel or wall channel.  Shipped in pairs (left & right).  Black only.

Part.# Price Qty
STU814.00 $7.50/pr

ST End Panel-to-Panel Stabilizer Bracket
9000 Series

Used to stabilize the 90 degree connection between the end panel an the work surface when the end panel doesn't meet a panel seam.  Black only.

Part.# Position Price Qty
STP810.01LH Left Panel $14.00 ea.
STP810.02RH Right Panel   14.00 ea.

ST End Panel Stabilizer Bracket
9000 Series

This clamp is used to secure two side-by-side OEM Cantilevers at the same height to align and level together.

Part.# Price Qty
STP813.0000 $1.20

ST Cantilever-to-Cantilever Clamp
9000 Series


Panel & Work Surface Hardware

Used to connect the front of a cantilever to an adjacent panel.  Kit includes left and right brackets.  Black only.

Part.# Price Qty
STU809.00 $8.00/pr.

ST Cantilever End Support Bracket Kit (Murphy Bracket)  9000Series

Kit includes individual bracket only.  Black only.

Part.# Position Price Qty
STP811.01LH Left Hand $7.00 ea.
STP811.02RH Right Hand   7.00 ea.

ST Corner Support Bracket

Kit includes inner and outer bracket.  Used on the inside of workstation; not visible from outside the workstation.  Black only.

Part.# Position Price Qty
STU807.01LH Left Hand $14.00
STU807.02RH Right Hand   14.00

ST Transaction Work Surface Bracket
9000 Series

Stamped 13 gauge steel with rolled bottom.  16.25" for 24" deep work surfaces; 22.5 for 30" deep work surfaces.  For use with laminated wood core work surfaces.  DT Color Only

Part.# Cantilever Dimension Price Qty
UNP186.18DT Pair 16.25D $50.00/pr.
UNP221.22DT Pair 22.5D 49.00/pr
UNP167.116DT Shared 16.25D 28.00/ea.
UNP227.222DT Shared 22.5D 36.00/ea.

ST Steel Support Arms
With anti-dislodgement Mechanism
MW/A & 9000 Series

Shipped ready to assemble. Unit includes shelf door, top shelf, shelf ends with anti-dislodgment mechanism and hardware. Painted Flipper door front stows on top of the unit. Lock may be keyed to match pedestals. Assembly instructions included. For use with CMW and OEM panels.

Part # Dimensions Price Qty/Finish
STP711.24 24" 15" 13.75" $344.00
STP711.30 30" 15" 13.75"   355.00
STP711.36 36" 15" 13.75"   366.00
STP711.42 42" 15" 13.75"   392.00
STP711.48 48" 15" 13.75"   420.00
STP711.60 60" 15" 13.75"   516.00

ST Metal Flipper
Door Unit
9000 Series Unassembled

CMW Panel Connectors

Kit includes top and bottom brackets.  Used for securing panel to concrete or reinforced wall.  Attaches the top and bottom of the panel perpendicular to concrete block or reinforced plaster walls.  Mounting screws that connect the brackets to the panel are included in each package.  Paint Finish.

Pro.# Dimensions Painted UnPainted Qty/Finish
SWU804.00 Panel-To-Wall Kit $10.50 $8.50

Panel to Wall Bracket Kit

Steel bottom bar attaches to bottom of CMW raceway frame.  OEM electrical may be attached to bottom bar.  OEM compatible.  Order 1 per raceway.

Pro.# Dimensions Price Qty
STP370.1800 18W $3.50
STP370.2400 24W   3.80
STP370.3000 30W   4.50
STP370.3600 36W   5.10
STP370.4200 42W   6.00
STP370.4800 48W   7.00
STP370.6000 60W   8.50

Raceway Bottom Bar

Spring steel.  Use 2 per raceway frame to hold base covers into frame.  OEM compatible.  Order 2 per raceway.

Pro.# Price Qty
STP006.02BK $1.30

Base Cover Clip

18 gauge steel painted and unpainted base covers.  OEM compatible.  No provision for duplex receptacles.  Priced per pair.  For Paint Finishes.

Pro.# Dimensions Painted Unpainted Qty/Finish
STP410.18 18W $15.50 $9.00
STP410.24 24W   21.00   12.00
STP410.30 30W   27.00   15.00
STP410.36 36W   31.50   18.00
STP410.42 42W   36.00   21.00
STP410.48 48W   40.50    24.00
STP410.60 60W   48.50   30.00

Base Cover Non-powered

STP430 powered base covers are compatible with Steelcase style FP and FPW  powerways in both 3 and 4 circuit applications.  Cutouts for the oversized duplex receptacles are not available.  Priced per pair.

Note: Steelcase outlet cover can be used with STP430 base covers to cover up outlet receptacle holes when not in use.  Paint Finish.







STP430.24 24W   $21.50   $13.50
STP430.30 30W     27.50    16.00
STP430.36 36W     32.00    19.00
STP430.42 42W     36.50    22.00
STP430.48 48W     41.00   25.00


60W     49.00   31.00

Base Cover Powered


Steel 2W90 degree cover to hide power distribution cable at base of panel at 2W90 degree connection and 3W cover to hide power distribution cable at base of panel at 3W90 degree connection.  Paint to match trim color.  Paint finish.

Pro.# Description Painted UNPainted Qty
STP441.02 2W90░   $ 36.00   $ 23.00
STP441.03 30W     17.00     15.50

2W90 Degree and 3W
Wire Management Connectors

Standard Paint Finishes

 Plastic End Cap Colors

Standard Glazing Strip Colors
Color Code Color Code Color Code
Solar Black SB Solar Black SB Solar Black SB
Grey Value 1 G1 Grey Value 1 G1 Grey Value 1 G1
Tan Value 1 T1 Tan Value 1 T1 Tan Value 1 T1
Warm Brown 1 W1 Warm Brown 1 W1 Warm Brown 1 W1
Warm White WW Warm White WW Woodrose WR
Woodrose WR Woodrose WR    


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